The compilation of the income and expenditure of a limited company, commercial partnership, economic association or sole proprietorship is called bookkeeping. Bookkeeping is not just about keeping track of your finances, it is also a legal obligation with which all legal entities are required to comply. For you as a business owner, it is therefore important that all invoices, expenses and other financial events are correctly recorded.

Add & Subtract employs accountants and authorised accountants who can give you personal advice to help you with your bookkeeping. We are proud members of the industry organisations FAR and Srf Konsulterna, which among other things ensures that we have the right skills and extensive knowledge with regard to bookkeeping methods, taxation and legislation. Our offices are located in Skokloster and in central Stockholm, but we are able to help you with your finances no matter where you are.

Help with bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is an important but often administratively demanding part of running a business. It is time-consuming and complicated, and missing important deadlines or payments can be very expensive. Engaging the help of a professional accountancy firm is therefore an effective way to ensure that your accounts maintain a high quality, while also freeing up valuable time for yourself.

With us, you get a reassuring and knowledgeable partner for your bookkeeping needs, ensuring that the reporting of your business finances complies with the legal bookkeeping requirements and that you receive a good overview of your income and expenses.

A selection of the services we offer:

Closing accounts
Payroll administration
Simplified annual accounts
Annual reports
Financial management for housing associations
International accounting
Financial management

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payroll administration financial management for housing associations international accounting

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    ADD & subtract – more than just accounting

    Företag eller privat - Add & Subtract erbjuder kvalificerad skatteplanering och rådgivning


    The tax system is constantly changing. We offer professional advice on corporate and private taxation.

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    Add & Subtract har bred kunskap och lång erfarenhet av redovisning och bokföring


    We will give you competent help with accounting, payroll services, annual accounts, income tax returns, financial control, analyses, company registration matters, etc.

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    Vår revisor kan hjälpa dig utveckla ditt företag och din affärsidé - Add & Subtract


    Our chartered and approved accountant acts as a sounding board and will help you develop your company and business concept in the long term.

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    Add & Subtract erbjuder löneadministration, vilket innebär hjälp med löpande löneredovisningar, löneutbetalningar, pensionsförsäkringar, kontrolluppgifter m.m.

    Payroll services

    We will help you with payroll accounting, paying salaries, retirement annuities, and statements of earnings and deductions for employees, etc.

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    Add & Subtract hjälper dig med företagsanalys och lönsamhetsanalys

    Organisation & financing

    We produce routines to make the work with the company’s finances easier on many levels and propose solutions for improved liquidity and higher earnings.

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    Add & Subtract tar hand om hela processen vid likvidering av bolag


    We can handle the whole process of liquidating a company, including communication with shareholders, liquidation of assets and liabilities, production documentation and preparation of the final statement of accounts.

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    Add & Subtract kan hjälpa till med familjeföretagets alla ekonomiska frågor

    Family business matters

    We can help in all the company stages: setting up, questions about partnership, restructuring, mergers, sales, liquidation, etc.

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    Add & Subtract hjälper dig med redovisning för ditt nystartade företag


    As a new business owner, keeping track of bookkeeping and various taxes is often no easy task. If your goal is rapid growth, it’s better to let us take care of these matters so you can focus on your core business ideas and activities.

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    Add&Subtract erbjuder paketlösningar för ekonomisk förvaltning av bostadsrättsföreningar.

    Housing cooperatives

    Add & Subtract has offered packaged solutions for the financial management of housing cooperatives for many years. Our service makes it easier for the board and members to manage the cooperative’s finances and taxation, in addition to board members’ responsibilities.

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